In a world that is becoming more complex and uncertain, Byblos Group, through its subsidiary B-Guard, allowsfacing security challenges with an anticipatory security approach.

Protection through knowledge

B-Guard is a subsidiary of Byblos group oriented towards safety and fighting voluntary aggressions. It has its own legal personality and helps its clients to fulfill their new security-linked needs.

What is an anticipatory security?

It consists of anticipating, detecting and alerting to threats, tendencies and opportunities that require a quick change in risk management of an event or of its security approach.

Our anticipatory security approach is based on a model and an anticipation and wake cycle taking into consideration a multitude of criteria allowing a forward-looking approach to managing threats.


  • Armed security agents to protect sensitive sites
  • Highly qualified security agents with a military or police background
  • Anticipatory security and intelligence
  • Provision and activation of the analysis cell and intelligence gathering to collect and analyze threats related data
  • Use of explosive detection dogs
  • Continuous flow of high-impact information and intelligence
  • Use of technologies of the security sector

By means of specific information, competent participants and new technologies, we will interfere on two main axes: SECURITY & PROTECTION
The modern agent is a proactive agent.
The service proposed by B-GUARD SECURITY goes beyond the missions and prerequisites of today’s profession.
A specific presence with a qualified staff capable of neutralizing a heavy threat in a strictly legal setting. The training that these “reinforced” agents undergo allows them to detect and analyze threats and risks in order to be able to act consequently.

Our main application fields:

  • Implementation of an armed guard service
  • Supporting the implementation of an armed guard service
  • Selection of the best profiles of specialized units (police force, army)
  • Training agents in specific techniques on sites open to the public
  • Implementation of intervention procedure
  • Continuous training of personnel in tactical shooting
  • “Medic” training in hostile zones
  • Shooting training in urban areas and closed environments
Offering tailor-made solutions and accompanying clients in managing risks and threats.
The implementation of human presence and techniques of close protection, called “bodyguard”is only the visible part of the iceberg. To this must be added prevention and security audits, analysis of risks and threats, assessment and deployment of every human and technology mean for the securing of a site.

Our golden rule: Discretion, precision, confidentiality and observance of the legislation.

The law of 28 February 2017 related to public security authorizes the armament of close protection agents, creates a new status of armed security agents and permits all security agents to carry category 3 weapons.

Our main application fields:

  • Risks assessment
  • Analysis of vulnerability
  • Conception of protection equipment
  • Close protection
  • International close protection
  • Security drivers
  • Exfiltration, analysis of information and intervention
  • Anticipation and VIP accompany
  • Counsel, audit, profiling service, risk management
  • Logistics services and protocol assistance

A precise selection of profiles

A multilingual security staff that combines a network of experts mainly with a background of the best police units and army.
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Parc Tertiaire du Bois Dieu
1, allée des écureuils
Phone: +33 4 72 54 88 58

Bâtiment de Haute Technologie, n°8
2 bis avenue des Coquelicots
Phone: +33 1 43 77 84 84


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